NEWday Day Centre

NEWdawn is Newham’s church-led winter night shelter that operates during the coldest months of the year, safely giving shelter to up to 15 guests a night.

NEWdawn is a partnership where staff teams at NEWday and NEWdawn manage referrals, organise the overall running of shelter and case work the guests. The other side of the partnership is the wonderful churches in Newham who surround guests with safety and opportunity from within the support of a compassionate community.

The churches open up their doors, bring together teams of volunteers who warmly welcome our guests and provide warm meals and clean beds and a listening ear for the evening. Our shelter is a dormitory style, rotating winter night shelter.

“I feel comfort every time I am here. You guys are very kind and helpful, you are like my family.”

NEWway Guest


“I would sing NEWday’s praises from the rooftops all day long, your service is truly amazing.”

NEWdawn Guest

“Good Day

Time flies. It’s been an Year.

I was homeless and You gave me shelter.
I was hungry and You fed me.
I was cashless and You helped me.
I didn’t have enough clothes and You covered me.

Thank You All from the bottom of my heart for Everything.
I am Blessed to have met Amazing people like You.

God Bless You.”

NEWdawn Guest